Addressing the Power Crisis: HINEN to Showcase Latest Technologies at Powerelec Nigeria


At the recently concluded Solar Power Africa 2024 (February 7th to 9th), HINEN drew widespread attention at the Cape Town International Convention Centre with its innovatively developed Mini Series backup power systems and other home and small business tailored household energy storage systems. This exhibition brought together the most outstanding professionals and corporate representatives in the new energy field to discuss hot topics on energy sustainability and innovation.

In South Africa, where power instability has long affected many areas, HINEN won wide customer recognition with its elegant design and superior performance. Notably, our Mini Series backup power system not only captivates with its aesthetically pleasing design but also highlights its core strength with its powerful supply capacity. This series of backup power systems, with unique technological innovations, efficient energy management, user-friendly installation, and seamless power supply experience, received widespread praise and support. In the event of a sudden public power outage, the Mini Series can automatically switch to battery power mode within 14 milliseconds to ensure users receive stable and continuous power. Furthermore, the Mini Series products also have flexible capacity configurations, ranging from 2.5KWh to 17.5KWh, meeting different energy customization needs of users, providing a reliable solution for South African homes and businesses facing frequent power outages.

During the three-day exhibition, HINEN's booth attracted a large number of visitors from different industry sectors, showing deep interest in HINEN's products. Attendees highly recognized HINEN's innovative technologies and solutions and looked forward to materializing the cooperation projects under discussion in the coming months. Through this exhibition, HINEN not only consolidated its relationship with existing partners but also successfully attracted the attention of many potential customers, making positive contributions to promoting sustainable development and a green future in South Africa and the whole of Africa.

With the Powerelec Nigeria exhibition approaching on February 20th in Nigeria, HINEN is prepared and looks forward to continuing to meet with African partners on this new stage, to explore and practice more innovative energy solutions.

In the future, HINEN will continue to commit to providing competitively innovative household energy storage solutions to customers in other regions of Africa, helping the market develop towards more reliable and multifunctional energy storage directions, and promoting the sustainable development of energy.